your company in the spotlights

put yourself on the map

Of course you have the best product, you’re the most dedicated service provider, you are working on the most exciting project. But who really knows about it? With a pitchfilm from Cinepitch you share your story and put your company on the map. Share your vision, development and plans. Often the person behind an idea, vision, concept, product or company is just as interesting as what that person is offering. Give customers, investors, stakeholders, crowdfunders or your (personal) network a glimpse into your kitchen.

Film is the ideal way to present yourself to a large audience. Even, and perhaps especially, for companies and freelancers that are not very active or at home online.

in the spotlights

present yourself

Looking for (crowd)funding for that brilliant concept? Want to make a kickstart? Ready for upscaling or a move? Cinepitch produces a great short movie for you. Together we make you shine and put your company on the map. It’s all about storytelling. Your customer or investor is looking for someone who fit’s his’ or her’s story, and wants to hear that from you. Are you the entrepreneur or freelancer that simply shows up, does his trick and leave? Or are you the person that makes the change, pulls the cart, fit’s the team perfectly? Tell your story with Cinepitch.


all-in-one with landing page

Your film comes with our unique Cinepage. This is your own landing page including your film, a short description of your company and activities, quotes, testimonials, and links to social media and/or your website. It’s like a profile page without the distraction of advertisements.

landing page
Adding a video to a landing page can rise the conversion upto 80%.' (EyeView, 2017)

working method

on line in no time...

Cinepitch offers a clear road map to your pitch film. Expand your audience, grow your business, convince customers and investors of your plans. Start today and your film will be online sooner than you think. Preparation, recording, editing and publication are seamless stitched!

  • story
    tell us about it
    Our director will contact you. Together we give shape to your story.
  • recording
    ready for action
    Our professional crew comes to you for the recording at your desired location.
  • publication
    share your story
    Share your movie through your Cinepage, on social media or your own website, and use it in presentations or on a convention.

is it for me?

most likely

Startup, freelancer, contractor or experienced entrepreneur? If you want to make a move forward you need to present yourself in an attractive and clear way. A short film can place your product or service in the right spotlight and is an ideal instrument for crowdfunding, finding new customers and pushing boundaries. Cinepitch helps you to tell your story in a beautiful way.

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the first impression

Customers want to know who you are. Tell them your story and share your film on your own landing page, website and social media. Your film gives you direct acces to new customers.

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short stories

Give your event, product or service the right stage. A professional pitch film, teaser or trailer will surely make you stand out. Share your film easily on your Cinepage, social media and website.

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cash to create

Investors want to be involved in your project. A short film explaining your ideas, intensions, and goal of the investment will be essential in the crowdfunding proces.

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share your vision and succes

Share your mission, vision, succes or anniversary with anyone who wants to know about it. Tell them your story, what you’re proud of, or simply how you look at things.

what’s the result?

proof of the pudding

Seeing is believing. Some examples of our recent work. If you want to see more examples, or something that fits you better, please contact us.


pitch | 00:30



pitch | 01:21

Common sense of honest food.


pitch | 01:07

World market leader in sauna and steam.

Panamerican Seed

teaser | 06:14

Keeping customers up-to-date.

Westfries Museum

pitch | 01:02

The Museum of the Golden Age.


pitch | 03:43

Unique vase by Sparenberg Design


pitch | 01:29

Crowdfunding for restauration.

M5|collaborating museums

pitch | 00:37

Masterpieces from the Rijksmuseum on tour.

Chamber music festival

pitch 00:59

Announcement for a unique festival.


who are our customers?

The people at Cinepitch have a vast experience making movies. Over the last 7 years we created documentaries, corporate films, commercials, pitch films, teaser, trailers and exhibitions for governments, schools, companies, and museums. Some of our clients are:

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what’s the price tag?

great quality

Let’s be fair. It can be done cheaper, by a nice neighbour or ‘a guy with a camera’. We are professional filmmakers. And you’ll get everything you need to reach the audience you want, including video marketing and a personal landing page. Without commercials.

Are you in doubt, or in need of more or specific information? Contact us. Convinced that Cinepitch is the right party to produce your short film? Welcome on board!

pitch you story
ex VAT & travel expenses
  • pre production via phone/email
  • 3-4 hours recording with director and DOP
  • recording in 4K (3840X2160)
  • 12 hours editing and post production
  • music from our stock library
  • publication Cinepage
  • standard video marketing
tell you story
ex VAT & travel expenses
  • pre production
  • 6-8 hours recording with director and DOP
  • recording in 4K (3840X2160)
  • 20 hours editing and post production
  • music from our stock library
  • publication Cinepage
  • video marketing plus
get in detail
ex VAT & travel expenses
  • pre production | story | script
  • customised recording time and crew
  • recording in 4K (3840X2160)
  • custom edit, post production and animation
  • stockmusic or custom composition
  • publication Cinepage
  • customised video marketing